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Spiderman Villains - Carnage

If you think of all the Spiderman villians, you have to know of Carnage, as he is surely, one of the most horrific and terrifying villains Spiderman has needed to face. Carnage was spawned when Cletus Kasady, a vicious serial killer bonded with an alien predator.

Spiderman has dealt with some pretty vile and evil creatures up till now, but none could compare to Carnage. Rather than hoping for fame or fortune, Carnage wishes for a society where every being is allowed to do exactly as they please; no law, no rules and no consequences.

Carnage is considered a Symbiote, which means he has some amazing abilities which include superhuman speed and strength, stamina, agility and reflexes that this world has never seen. This makes him one of the toughest Spiderman villains ever.

Carnage has a great advantage over Spiderman, and that is his immunity to Spiderman's spider sense. Carnage is the only one of the Spiderman Villains that can catch Spiderman off guard.

Kasady comes from a violent background, probably more violent than all of the Spiderman villains, as Kasady claims his father brutally murdered his mother.

He has also told his doctors that he killed his own grandmother, and tortured his mother's dog, causing her to in turn want to murder him. With an upbringing like that, what do you expect? By his early twenties, Kasady was convicted of more than 11 murders, but had killed even more than that.

This character is a blend of insanity, evil, and pure and deadly abilities.

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