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Spiderman Comic

Spiderman comics are a great series to start reading if you're a super hero fan. What makes this comic so great is the hero. Spiderman is Peter Parker, a teenager in the early Amazing Spiderman comics. He is just a normal every day teenager going to school and studying. He loves science but one day when he goes to a science demo on radioactivity a small spider drops down in the ray's path. The same spider bites Peter Parker. He then get spider powers.

Each spider power is different. One is called spider sense which alerts him when danger is near. The comic books shows this by putting some rays of energy around his head. He also gets spider agility. This power gives him speed and balance. Spider strength allows Peter to pick up cars and other heavy items. He also becomes able to stick to walls like a spider would.

Now you would think he can shoot webbing too, but in the comics he can't do this on his own. Being the science student he is, he made a device called a web shooter. The devices go on both his wrists and he loads them with web cartridges. By a touch of his fingers with a certain amount of pressure, he can shoot a thin web and a thick web. He uses his webbing to tie up criminals and to swing through the city. Sometimes his webbing runs out, so he has to use refills to continue web swinging.

Peter Parker is normally a shy guy and does not talk much, but when he is Spiderman he tells funny jokes when he is facing off against a villain. Speaking of villains, the Spiderman comics have a lot of them. If you happen to start reading the comics you may see Electro, a villain who uses electricity, Shocker shooting shock waves, and Green Goblin flying on a hover-like board. These are only few of the villains that can fight Spiderman in the air.

The Spiderman stories take place in New York City, and when Peter Parker is not Spiderman, fighting villains and crime, he spends his time taking pictures at the Daily Bugle. Since Peter Parker knows that Spiderman pictures are worth a lot, every time he fights a criminal he sets up his camera up to automatically take a picture of himself then he takes the picture to the Daily Bugle to get paid.

Spiderman is a great comic for anyone who likes this type of reading. Spiderman has many different comic series, but one of the most recent is the Ultimate Spiderman comic. It's basically the same as the original comic, but the story is retold putting Spiderman in the 21st Century. Every adventure is a great one. So if you're interested in Spiderman comics go to a book store and purchase an issue today.

Michael Russell
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Source: www.ezinearticles.com