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Spiderman 4 On Its Way

Can't get enough of Spiderman 3? Of course we're all been expecting another movie to come. Spidey fans will definitely cross their fingers for another sequel. Spiderman 4 - but who's gonna be the villain/s? The Lizard, they say...but we're still waiting for a new title, right?

The production for 4th movie was in early stages of development but there's no official word on the release date or even casting yet. Raimi, however is still uncertain if he will direct the 4th movie ( he's been rumored to show interest in directing 'The Hobbit' movie).

Major casts like Maguire and Dunst stated that they would love to do the next sequel if Raimi will be directing it. "I don't see me signing on for a fourth or a fifth," said Kirsten Dunst ( Mary Jane Watson in Spiderman )." I doubt Tobey Maguire would come back for a fourth, either." ( pretty scary for Parker and Watson fans for they'll be unsure if they will see them again portraying the next Spiderman movie).

For Maguire, he indicates that he wasn't eager to do a fourth film, but left open the possibility, depending on the script.

But the executive producer hopes all will return on the 4th film specially Raimi. Many fans said that Spiderman will never be the same again without Raimi. But for the directors out there who are willingly wanted to handle this kind of movie is definitely a new challenge and opportunity.

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