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Spider-man Superhero Birthday Party

Is there a Spiderman lover in your household? Do they happen to have a birthday coming up soon? If so, a Spiderman theme party is just the perfect thing to do. Planning a Spiderman is easy to do, and any party supply store can help.

The party goers will most likely be young and male. There can be other variations, however, the majority are young boys and will like lots of Spiderman activities. To get the guests in the mood, send out Spiderman invitations. There are packages that have all the invitations, plates, napkins and cups which all coordinate in one large grouping. Buying the pieces individually is also an option. Balloons, streamers and wall decorations are also made, and your budget is the only limiting factor.

Games to play for the kids could include Spiderman themes or regular birthday games. Make time to open the presents and eat a Spiderman shaped cake. Musical chairs, pop the balloons and everyone’s favorite, a Spiderman piñata filled with candy. Bags to send home with the guests full of goodies are made to match your party theme too.

If you have an older crowd, you could venture into spider games. Make a mystery that only Spiderman and his greatest fans can solve. If the crowd is into spiders, give them trivia questions on spiders. Name movies, songs and cartoons where spiders are characters. Use the movie Spiderman and create trivia questions, or just watch the movie for entertainment.

Prizes can be Spiderman favors that come from any party supply store. Stickers, tattoos, bubbles, whistles and plastic trinkets are all great favors and come in many styles and prices. Candy is also an option for treats, and comes in Spiderman containers or wrappers. Spiderman books or comic books as favors would also add to a well-rounded theme.

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