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Iron Man Hawaii 2005

Iron Man Hawaii 2005 will be contested this year on October 15th, 2005, in and around Kailua/Kona, Hawaii. The Iron Man Hawaii 2005 Triathlon World Championship is the culmination of many qualifying events, all leading up to this competition. The race consists of a 2.4 mile ocean swim, a 112 mile bike race, and a 26.2 mile marathon run. Lest there be any slackers, (ha, ha), there is a time limit of 17 hours from start to finish. Iron Man Hawaii 2005 will be watched by thousands on the ground in Kona, as well as approximately 50 million people worldwide on TV.

The Iron Man Hawaii 2005 Triathlon is rightly regarded as the world championship of triathlon racing. A tough course, temperatures between 82-95 degrees and matching humidity, and winds that can gust as high as 60 mph buffet the contestants all the way through the 8-12 hours it takes most of them to finish. The rewards are worth it however. Besides the intangibles of even completing a race as tough as this, a total of $480,000 in prize money is awarded to the pro division. 2000 competitors from over 50 countries will vie for the distinction of winning Iron man Hawaii 2005!

Truly an international event, Iron Man Hawaii 2005 has produced such champions as Mark Allen, Paula Newby-Fraser and many more. The only guaranteed returnees would be the winners in the pro and age-group divisions. All others must earn their way back. For endurance race addicts, this is how it should be. For a thrilling experience in a magical locale, plan to make Iron Man Hawaii 2005 the centerpiece of your vacation travel plans! And if you're fortunate enough to be competing, may the wind always be at your back!

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