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WELCOME TO Rare Comics - We are devoted to the Silver Age Marvel Universe

  • Choose a Real Spiderman Costume for Your Kids Costumes This Year
    Remember that when it comes to Spiderman costumes and other kids costumes for Halloween, there is a big difference between the licensed “real thing”, and the knockoffs that other manufacturers choose to produce. Sure, you can save a bit of money on your kids costumes when you choose the knockoffs, because the manufacturer has saved money on the licensing, but those Spiderman costumes are not allowed to use the actual characters’ names. And when Read More...
  • Spiderman Villains - Carnage
    If you think of all the Spiderman villians, you have to know of Carnage, as he is surely, one of the most horrific and terrifying villains Spiderman has needed to face. Carnage was spawned when Cletus Kasady, a vicious serial killer bonded with an alien predator. Spiderman has dealt with some pretty vile and evil creatures up till now, but none could compare to Carnage. Rather than hoping for fame or fortune, Carnage wishes for a society where e Read More...
  • Spiderman 4 On Its Way
    Can't get enough of Spiderman 3? Of course we're all been expecting another movie to come. Spidey fans will definitely cross their fingers for another sequel. Spiderman 4 - but who's gonna be the villain/s? The Lizard, they say...but we're still waiting for a new title, right? The production for 4th movie was in early stages of development but there's no official word on the release date or even casting yet. Raimi, however is still uncertain if Read More...